The Force Ascendant

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Escape and other milestones

Escaping from Teemo and Tatooine with the Krayt Fang our intrepid crew experienced a sudden shudder of the ship consequently falling out of hyperspace in front of a asteroid field klaxons ringing the squeals, grunts and blackboard-like screeching of Gamorrean Verse-Opera playing at full volume over the intercom.

…<stuff>… B’uran B’rarn discovered and Parsh decides to help him out and the crew has little choice but to follow ….

B’uran B’ran is a businessman – he has a hard luck story "range war’ is in progress and a claim has been made for his mine by Angu Drombb who seems to own the deed and B’uran B’ran’s is missing . B’uran B’ran was the owner operator of a “Mine”, type of mine is never discussed (Ryl never comes up). He is accused of sedition and has a bounty on his head in three systems (one related to sedition the other two are drug smuggling charges).

The Customs Frigate in orbit around Ryloth.


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